Ordering Prints, Canvases or Cards

WITH TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY SERVING THE WORLD OF FINE ARTs, yOU CAN enjoy museum quality archivable REPRODUCTIONS on ART PAPER, CANVASES or cards WITH Paypal's secure payment service, using your bank account or credit card.


Send an Email to :



Include in your eMail

[1]  Name & Catalogue number of the Artwork in the gallery.
example: "Silence" Catalogue No. op002

[2] Quantity, Size and Choice of reproductions: Giclee Print, Art Canvas or Card.
example: (2) Giclee Prints of 17 x 23 in; (1) Art Canvas of 30 x 40 in; (2) boxes of Cards. Cards come in boxes of (5) each.

NOTE 1: When ordering Digital Works of Ethereal Wonders, also specify choice of color using letters ABCDE.

NOTE 2: For Artworks shown as (SOLD), reproductions are available.


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