Biography of Artist Richart

Learned in early youth to cope with family crises by becoming in-house mediator, healer and philosopher. In my survival tool kit were to be found silence, meditation and yoga.

Studied natural medicines promoting autonomy thus avoiding heriditary patterns leading to pathological chaos.

Ever searching for better ways to numb unwanted feelings, switched from science to music until I reallized my limitations as a late starter.

Left for India, connected with life-transforming masters on a path regularly confirmed by synchronicities.

Returned from India, joined the Canadian Air Force and served the country as military pilot; a true spiritual challenge.

Got married, discovered my second sexuality, raised a family until it fell apart; I believed in marriage.

Became clinical hypnotherapist and studied Transpersonal Psychology focusing on bodywork modalities for men, intuitively connecting my hands to my heart.

Studied classical painting with Irena Korosec. I believe in the art that best expresses humanist ideals based on a strong knowledge of the métier, using the techniques of the Old Masters.

After extensive community volunteer work followed by a 2-year traveling sabbatical living in my car discovering alternative survival options, I returned to school and graduated in Social Work.

Finally returned home after 12 years and explored singing, sculpting and acting, spiraling inward answwering the call of artistic self expression

City-monk, masseur, musician, writer and painter practicing voluntary simplicity, living in the now, and contributing to this world in need of healing.


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